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Sunday Feb 7

Good day to fly.  A little cool.  Andy brought out a fleet of planes to fly.  Glider with his Cessna tow plane, big T28, ariane racer and more.  When he was charging his lipo batteries Andy believes that he had a malfunction with his charger.  He said that it had been sent in once before with a similar problem.  We heard a pop, looked around and it looked like the corner of the table was on fire.  Multiple lipos had blown up and started on fire.  Andy grabbed the charger and got if off of the table along with the lipos and doug grabbed the fire extinguisher.  There's not much you can do about the initial lipo fire extinguisher wise.  After a couple of seconds the fire switches from burning the gas to burning the plastic etc.  At that point you can use an extinguisher.  It's best to charge the lipos off by themselves or in a box or bag designed for it.  Andy lost multiple batteries and damaged his expensive ariane racer.  Over 1k in damage.

Sun Jan 31. 

 Great landing by Richard.  He had main gear issues and had to belly land.  Pics by Frits

Bill's new Yak 130.  Flew great!

Rob with his 'ugly egg' Storm jet.  It needed some trimming out but looks like it's going to be a good flier.

A very spectacular 'foamy' midair lol

Jan 25, Mon

Sunday was cool but nice, low wind.  I was invited over to a 'Noisy Boyz' Fly In at Balwin County.  Several of us showed up for some fun flying.  There was scale, 3d and jets.  Lots of sunshine, a little cool but not much wind and Little Ceasar's Pizza (Thks Gary).


Jan 18, Mon

After talking to Rob at the field about registering with the FAA I decided to go through the actual process.

First you must create an account with the FAA.  You use your email and create a password with a number, capitol letter and a symbol, eck...  Now I have 4,000 and 1 passwords to remember, lol.

After that they send you a confirmation email that have to respond to which makes sure you have a legit email.  You can now go back to the FAA registry website and log in.  Then you'll see


Next you'll enter your name and address


Now you'll see the safety guide that you have to agree to before moving on.  You can see the 400ft limit which has caused a lot of concern.  Supposedly if you are part of a CBO (community based organization such as AMA) you are exempt but nowhere is it stated as such on the agreement or registration forms at this time, Jan 18.


And then you enter your CC information and submit the form



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