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Welcome, Today is: November 28, 2015
   28th, Toys for Tots Pensacola NFMI.  Dec 5th, Great Toy Drive ACMA



Check this out.  Pretty Good!


Matt Strom from the Oceans Springs Club sent me a bunch of pictures and videos of the Scale Fly-In.  Thanks Matt!!


Fall Scale Fly-in.  The temp was good, nice in the morning, a little windy in the afternoon then nice toward evening.  Great turn out.  I heard that there were 49 pilots signed up.  Ed provided lunch!!  He always outdoes himself.  Enchaladas, tacos, sausage and much more!  There was a little bit of everything flying.  From a 33% taylorcraft to a F15 turbine jet, 1/5 scale P51 and P47.  Formation flying with T28's and other planes.  Everything from gas to turbine to electric.  A great show, lots of flying.  Early afternoon came and the flying was still going strong.  I left a little before dark and there were still people flying and enjoying the evening.  It turned out to be a great fly-in!

9/24-26 Super Jet South Peachtree City Georgia
I drove up to Georgia Jets on thursday.  It's located just outside of Atlanta and is one of the nicest flying fields around.  The story is that the founder developed some software for nuclear power plants and microsoft purchased it for 30m plus.  Being fond of flying jets he wanted to develope a nice flying site.  After purchasing the land, drawing up plans and presenting them to the county there was resistance to having a flying site locally.  He then presented a 2nd set of plans for a houseing development and the origonal plan set was then reconsidered and passed ;)  Needless to say, it's a very nice site with pavillion, kitchen, restroom, electric, water and paved runway.

I arrived thursday but there was a front off of the NC coast that was causing intermittant rain.  Thursday and friday people were just sneaking flights whenever it would let up enough to fly.  Saturday the weather cleared and the flyin was on.  Lot's of people and jets showed for the event including Bill, Doug, Mike and family, Bob, Raiko and family (jet fliers of course).  Bill put on the first flights on his new shockwave and even gave me a little sticktime.  Sweet jet!  Video of Bill taking off the shockwave

Raiko took a lot of good pictures and posted them on facebook.  The ones below are from Raiko's page.

9/21 Sunday
Combat day.  3 contestants.  Bruce let me fly his plane.  Rob and I were flying furiously at each other.  I dodged under Rob and looked up for a second to see where he was to cut back and i crashed Bruce's plane...  Sorry Bruce!  I think Rob ended up winning the day.  It's always fun doing combat!

If you haven't seen them you need to check out the new giant scale eflite t28.  Big foam plane that flies great.  Several of us have them and are enjoying flying in formation (I guess you could call it that) lol.  Actually, it's turning out pretty good.  I put my first flight on mine yesterday.  There were 4 of us but 1 had a retract issue.  That left Rob, Andy and I.  We flew 2 flights together with rolls and loops.

AL brought out his new yellow aircraft P47.  As usual it looks great but there are a few minor issues, lol.  He was test running the engine yesterday and showing it off.  Looks like it's going to be a nice warbird!

9/12  Saturday.  ACMA Glider Fly In
Nice day out.  Light breeze and comfortable, not to hot.
Pretty good turn out.  I think I heard 19 pilots.  Several wrecks.  I was flying a foam glider, went to adjust my chair while flying and ended up flying someone else's glider, lol. 


Evidently someone didn't get the memo that Islam is a religion of peace.

On 9/11 I was at work at verizon just outside of DC in the tech center.  I remember Frank, our boss telling us that a jet had just crashed into 1 of the towers.  Everyone was concerned and there was a lot of speculation.  Then the 2nd one hit along with the other reports of hijackings.  Everyone was very concerned but they didn't let us go home to our families.  Greg, a co-worker was telling everyone that they didn't realize how significant the attack was.  He was right!  A lot has changed.  Everyone has criticized Pres Bush BUT no other President has had to deal with a situation like this.  I hate to think what the current administration would do if this happened today and the fallout from it.

Never Forget.


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