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Welcome, Today is: August 04, 2015
  New Pensacola Event listed for August


Yellow Baron Cub Day
In Memory of Jim Quint

Copied from the field news page..
     Saturday, ACMA Scale Fly-In.  Great day for a fly-in.  Lot's of participation and great models.  Frits took a lot of pictures and they are rotating on the main page or you can view them from the pictures link from the left side menu. 
     As with all warbird fly-ins there were some casualties (joking).  After Rob and Mike had a demo flying together and chasing around with the P51 and P47 (coincidentally both previously owned by Henry Waltman), It looked like Rob ran out of fuel with the P47 on approach and cart wheeled it but with minor damage fortunately.
     There were several guests from out of town representing Mississippi and Florida. 
     A friend of Ken Achee's, Johnny O'Dell, is a Professional Photographer and has put up pictures on a website of the fly-in.  You can view them


Great Video from Joe Nall.  I hear there was around 2000 registered pilots this year.  I was number 1749 and that was on wed.
Jason's Video (paintball!!!)
My video from the entrance to the end
My friend Tavis at the Nall
Noon time demo (Must See)


Jacob sent me this:

Hey Jon!
Here are some links to a few videos that I shot on Sunday using a small camera attached to my combat plane.

Some of the guys seemed interested when I told them I'd be filming the event and I was wondering if it would be possible to post a link to vids on the ACMA page.

At any rate, if anyone wants to see what combat looks like from the plane's point of view, here's their chance! 

Thanks for the help, Jon.


Rob had some good rounds on combat but.... :^)


Stats from last years Joe Nall and this year is Larger!
Over 10 times the size of Florida Jets..
Over 7 times the size of Kentucky Jets..
Around 30 times larger than our fly-ins :)


The Elusive Mud Duck


Video from Mississippi Jets (MAB)


Pics from the last hattiesburg Fly In.  AL, Jeff and Mack Hodges all big smiles.. 
Taken from this months AMA Mag.


Frits took a couple of good videos from the 3D Fly In

Video 1 and 2

Short video from the Pinebelt RC Fly In


What do a Corsair, P51, A26 and B25 have in common? 



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