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Welcome, Today is: May 27, 2016

New Member Facebook Page
The origonal Facebook Page is for Updates, Notices on Fly-in's and Admin related Articles.

This Group Page is for the members to post pictures, ask questions whether it's airplane, radio, or setup related.  You can also find out who's going out to fly or make a time to get together.  If you're not on the list goto the link below and join in.


Joe Krebs


Joe Krebs Bio

Joe Krebs and daughter Sharon showed up at the field Sunday 3/13.  Al with a Jerry Bates Dauntless.

Florida Jets 2016.  Lots of cool planes and flying!  Included was this HUGE L39 and Nice A10

Mac Hodges Cessna 310 twin at the Perry Swap Meet


Mark Dill hovering at ACMA.  Taken from the Monthly AMA Model Aviation Magazine

Write up about Andy Woerner in lagniappe Magazine

Flying Fun in Foley Field

Andy Woerner revs up the engine of his Eurofighter Typhoon. The fighter jet quickly gains speed as it rumbles down the runway. It lifts gracefully into the air, and Woerner banks the jet left before turning again to streak at low altitude over the field where it has just taken off.

Woerner manages all of this without ever leaving the ground himself. His hands firmly grasp a radio controller for the scale model of the aircraft used by NATO air forces in Europe. Capable of exceeding 200 mph, the Eurofighter Typhoon is one of several model jets Woerner owns.    Pictures and more at link above


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